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Solar Power Plants

We have technique to gain a highest voltage output.

BioGas Power Plants

Fermented substances can generate electricity

Thermal Power plants

We can get enough heat from sun to get superheated-steam.

Wind Power farm

Low wind speed is a problem, but we can get electricity out of it

We are specilize in design how to manage Municipal Solid Waste. Sorting MSW, Recycle MSW, Incinerate MSW and Take the remains to fermented and generate electricity. With our incinertors are Toxic free. Design and build by Mr. Surat Supawong who has over 20 years experiences. We are carefully design and check the result step by step because environment of each is different.
We are design and option to increase to ability of incinerator by adding automatic waste feeder with hopper. We take the smoke and analyse the composit and store in the gas storage which will generate electricity as the final result.